BITCOIN GOLD Needs A New Slogan


Keep 'em coming, guys… eventually, we’ll strike gold!


If you’ll allow me, I don’t see how “gold rush” would reflect that it is a scam coin, I mean at the end of the day everyone knows what Bitcoin was all about, and thank you for pointing it out as it makes me like it even more now, it might actually emphasis more elements of the original purpose of bitcoin, more than reflecting that it’s a scam coin…You know what I mean, the gold rush being a free for all anyone who had the means could do it…I really like it more now!!


I also really like “Strike Gold!!” but I think repeating the word gold in the name and the slogan could be problematic…On the other hand seing you have such an advantage of being a fork off the original bitcoin I feel like that is something we could capitalize on as much as possible, what I’m trying to say is that not many will ever come not even in the future who would be able to do like a logo/name/slogan mashup and could get away with it…

After all, I believe it may be this team’s first re branding & marketing campaign, but I’m sure we understand that it will have to be done again in let’s say 3 years if not in 1 year and will have a chance to try other things…

I know I professional PR/Branding Consultant Guru who I would be happy to share with you guy if you like…


You’re always allowed and I’m not involved in development, and I’m guessing neither is NoName, the person who created this topic so feel free to say whatever comes to mind.

*I try to follow these when posting:


Yeah, anyone. Unless you are a Mac user. :frowning:


Hi there, many OSX miners for equihash exists. Here is one of them:


“Digitized the nuggets”


Bitcoin Gold… Better than Bitcoin…Better than Gold…


BTG — Decentralized Gold Coin


Bitcoin Gold - Decentralized, Digital Gold

Mining for the common people



From East to West, from scratch and one, bitcoin gold erases the boundaries !!!)


From East to West, from scratch and one, Bitcoin Gold erases the boundaries !!!)



*why is this logo grittier, than the one in the previous post?


That’s the old logo we had at launch.


the high-def one is way cooler. :slight_smile:
when was the beginning? from the colors used, it looks like 1995 :))


I think the person who did the photo-editing for that (user-submitted) version was shooting for that look.


Money without banks
don’t wait for the future, use the money here and now