BITCOIN GOLD Needs A New Slogan


The slogan, “Make Bitcoin Decentralized Again” / (“Make America Great Again”) needs to go. Being that Trump has the lowest ratings in America and most of the world does not like him, why is Bitcoin Gold using a copy his slogan. Dumb marketing if you ask me.


Don’t be too hard on the guy who came up with it. Yes, “Make Bitcoin Decentralized Again” is a good pun, but most crypto-enthusiasts couldn’t care less abut Trump and his slogans.
so… what’s wrong with:
“One CPU, One Vote!” as a Slogan. That sounds pretty cool :grin:


I don’t believe it was intended as a copy of a US Presidential campaign slogan. Bear in mind that only one of the six Core founders of the BTG team was from North America, at all - this is very much an international community-driven effort. The slogan was a direct statement of purpose.

That being said… feel free to continue to propose slogans you feel would be more effective, inclusive, and which reflect our mission and values.


I agree, and “Bitcoin Gold - Keeping Bitcoin Decentralized” sounds much more professional.


“Decentralized Gold”


“Bring Satoshi Back Home”


I’m becoming fond of this:

Bitcoin Gold
anyone can mine again

Here’s a slap-together version made from pretty graphics that exist elsewhere:


Well, i am far from the idea that we gonna mark BTG as something that exists solely so it can be mined “again”. The idea was something completely different.
Something along the lines of …“Usable, Accessible, Secure, Stable”. U.A.S.S. no punt intended. (we can switch the letters around)


But, what other features differentiate us from Bitcoin? I think our slogan needs to differentiate us from Bitcoin, but also from the rest of the cryptos.

This is EXACTLY what every crypto claims.

How about:
the bitcoin for everyone

It captures the fact that we’re Bitcoin in code and protocol (tested, tried and true, well-understood), but that the difference is that we’re more accessible to everyone (decentralized, anyone can mine, low fees, no delays…)

It avoid the word “decentralized,” which means nothing to the public (but means everything to people who really understand crypto)


Bitcoin Gold
Peoples coin


People’s Republic of Bitcoin!


I’ve noticed “Make” and “Again” are now grey.

What’s left is:

What’s wrong with that? Feels like it reflects the current state of this BTG and it’s 100% TRUE.


“Mine your coin” maybe?




Bitcoin Gold
"It’s a rush" “Join the rush” as in like a gold rush but avoided using “gold rush” so that it’s not repeated in the logo and slogan at the same time…You could possibly get rid of the writing in the logo and replace it with just the graphic logo and “gold rush” next to it so it reads bitcoin gold rush altogether, not sure if i make sense…



“Bitcoin Gold the heart of Bitcoins”


If it reads “bitcoin gold rush altogether” it’s a possibility some might mistake for a scam coin, which I believe it is not.


I read “… the heart of Billions” by mistake. Was, like, Whoa! It’s true! :))
It’s at the heart of billions of GPUs crunchin’ them numbers, baby! Gettin’ the GOLD!!!


BITCOIN GOLD - It’s NOT About ANOTHER Croocked Dollar Bill.