Bitcoin Gold is Satoshi Nakamoto's true vision

Gold is better, Bitcoin is much better. If both are combined then Bitcoin Gold is born much better than everything :smiley: . Unlike Bitcoin Cash, presence of Bitcoin Gold will keep Bitcoin’s network alive because Bitcoin Gold can mine by everyone with advanced devices compared to Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin which can only mine with obsolete devices.
Bitcoin Gold characteristics similar to bitcoin are only have size 1MB block size such as design made by Satoshi Nakamoto which aims to measure anti-spam as quoted page Wikipedia
and the reason why Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t increase block size :

  • It wasn’t needed, as even 1 MB was far larger than the largest blocks that had ever been mined.
  • It was technically easy to change, simply substituting one value in the code for another.
  • Larger blocks create technical challenges.

As quoted page : Satoshi’s Best Kept Secret: Why is There a 1 MB Limit to Bitcoin Block Size That’s why Bitcoin Gold is Satoshi Nakamoto’s true vision.

Don’t forgotten Bitcoin Gold is official bitcoin fork among all bitcoins after Bitcoin Cash List of bitcoin forks - Wikipedia

Bitcoin Gold is Future for Bitcoin

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