Bitcoin gold for INDONESIA

IndonesiaIndonesia is one of the countries that are still learning about blockchain and bitcoin.
And in indonesia have market buy and sell crypto that is vip.bitcoin indonesia
A few days ago the Indonesian president said bitcoin is one worth investing in and is appreciated as one of the opening jobs
The most interesting thing is that all trander in Indonesia is very fond of bitcoingold than other cryto.

  1. fast in transactions
    2.have an initial name that is bitcoin
    So it’s faster known
  2. Can be mine with gpu
  3. It is easier to predict the price
    Greetings from indonesia trander. Aceh love bitcoingold

Indonesia trander .

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Alamat BTG :slight_smile: GRbPwEfVApeswJzhth6SmAh4H4ad76h7J3


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Mau tanya mungkin BTG sudah ada web miningnya?
Dengan pembayaran per jam? seperti program doubletumblernya btc mungkin?
Rekomendasinya kalo ada.
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