Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet unable to send transactions



I recently claimed my Bitcoin Gold using the core wallets (as that is where my BTC’s are held, and it seems to be the only procedure, as the BTC core wallet does not export the seed you can use with different wallets) :
In my I did an export (dump) of my wallet from Bitcoin Core.
Then I imported that into the Bitcoin Gold core wallet.
In the mean time, the BTG Core wallet is fully synced.
So far so good : I can see a balance in my BTG wallet.

However, if I want to do a transaction, it does not send it onto the blockchain:

  • In the transaction overview, it stays with status “Status: 0/offline, has not been successfully broadcast yet”
  • when I try to send the raw transaction, via the debug window, I get "Missing Inputs (code -25)"
    Which is strange, because there is a handful of addresses in the wallet which have coins, when I check some of those addresses in the BTG explorer, they show a balance.

So it looks like, I do have a BTG balance after the fork, but I’m unable to spend it.
Does anyone have any idea what is happening?

Thanks for your help.


You can try restarting Bitcoin gold core or your computer i had a similar issue were my wallet was unable to sync to the nodes restarting the app fixed this issue


Restarting the app does not improve things, however, when I reimport my bitcoin wallet (the same dump from my first attempt!!), I suddenly have a different balance than my initial attempt …
Trying to figure out why…


When importing a wallet file, please launch the wallet with ‘-zapwallettxes’ to erase the cache of transactions from another blockchain.


I tried that, but then there is no balance at all, so it does not work for claiming BTG after the fork


What is Bitcoin Core?
It was originally called as “Bitcoin” when it was declared online in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Later, it was named as Bitcoin-Qt. Today; it’s usually known as Bitcoin Core, or sometimes spelled as the “Satoshi Client”


Our Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet is based on the Bitcoin Core Wallet.

This is incorrect, you appear to be trying to confuse people, and you link to a site, “coinpedia,” which appears to contain deliberate disinformation.

The Bitcoin Core Wallet is a full-node client for Bitcoin (BTC), commonly called a “wallet.”. Bitcoin Core is the name of the open-source software which provides the core infrastructure for the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency network:

Nearly everyone calls the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and spells it “Bitcoin” and pretty much nobody calls the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin Core,” with the exception of trolls. The standard currency codes are BTC (used on crypto exchanges) and XBT (used on commodity exchanges).

The site you list intentionally and falsely conflates BTC with BTCC, which appears to be a project created recently created to deliberately confuse people about Bitcoin.

BTCC was first traded on June 5th, 2018, and currently trades less than $1 on the one exchange where it’s listed, where it has less than $1,000 daily volume. The only place listing it is CryptoBridge, not to be confused with the exchange BTCC, which does not trade this BTCC coin at all.

For comparison, Bitcoin (BTC) has been around since 2009 and currently trades for an average of $7,428 across 400+ markets with over $6,000,000,000 in daily volume (more than $16,000,000,000 if you include zero-fee markets.)

This sort of deliberate misinformation is completely unwelcome here, @dianadsouza.


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