Bitcoin Gold Adoption - Crypto Debit/Credit cards


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For Bitcoin Gold adoption, I would like to see BTG being easily spendable using credit or debit cards.

The most popular one that works is Wirex so having the ability to top it up with my BTG would be great.

Crypto com’s MCO card would be a great addition. MCO card got a lot of attention earlier this month and they have already started rolling out the card to their Singaporean customers. Having BTG support on MCO card would be great.

TenX’s card is also in the tunnel, so it would be a good idea to get in touch with the TenX’s team for BTG integration before they start rolling out the cards to their customers.

About the Bitpay – Bitpay is a large payment processor for cryptocurrencies but it accepts only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


They also offer a prepaid debit card, so having a Bitcoin Gold support there would be welcomed. Bitpay has apps for almost all platforms and that includes iPhone, Google Android Store, Linux, Windows, Windows Phone and MacOS Sierra.

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Post of the Month - October 2018

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Amazing , great project


Wow! That’s a great news!
But you have sad nothing about credit card: how exactly it would work? Would it be like a usual credit card? Or it would just have a specific procedure? And I have one more question about debit card. Is it possible to exchange money to bitcoin automatically with debit card? For example, if i take a loan here, and ask them to transfer money to this debit card. Then can I have my money to be exchanged for bitcoin automatically, so I can use it immediately.

#6 I think this is a good idea for how a prepaid card can work for a cryptocurrency.


These look like great spendable hardware wallets aka debit cards funded by crypto. I would love to see one for liquid gold assets as well.

Thanks for sharing!

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