Best,simple stock exchange bot for Yobit, Bittrex, Exmo, Livecoin, Cryptopia, Wex, Poloniex

BEST Simple trading bot for exchanges Yobit, Wex, Cryptopia, Bittrex, Exmo, Livecoin, Poloniex.

Download Bot: Here

Installation: Unpack the archive in a convenient place for you on the disk. It is desirable to run on behalf of the Administrator. (what would pass permissions from the bot to use. API keys).

Video reviev:

The video it self is on russian, but don’t be afraide! Just look on what im doing and you will understand everything!

This bot works under windows 2000, XP, W7, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 10 64bit and 32bit.
This bot is an improved version of the bot simple Yobit. net bot, which is well established in trading on the Yobit exchange. In this version of the bot provides “airbag” at the maximum! It is needed so that you would not fall asleep with orders, if the rate went down sharply and is equal to 3%.

Each order executed for a purchase adds an additional reduction to the purchase scale, at the maximum it is 3%. Also, the bot tracks the volume of trades on cryptocurrency pairs and if the volume per day on the pair chosen by you is less than 0.5 BTC, the message “that this is a garbage pair” will appear in the program header.
The bot is completely free and works with any cryptocurrency pair on the Yobit exchange!
Operating procedure

  1. We receive keys on the stock exchange with the privileges of info and trade (we wait for their activation for 10 minutes)

  2. Fill in the fields 0 and 1 - enter the received api keys

  3. Start the bot by double clicking on line 2 (line 3 - stop the bot)

  4. Choose a cryptocurrency pair for trading in the top combo box

  5. Double click on how many percent of the deposit to spend on one order

  6. Double click on how many percent to wind the purchased cryptocurrency.

  7. We choose by how many percent, from the current price, to place the first order, each following will be with a similar decrease.

Everything. The bot is operational and immediately starts working with one of the selected cryptocurrency pair.
Attention! For the normal operation of the bot.
Min a deposit on cryptocurrency pairs with rubles must be at least 600 rubles (you have an exchange account)
Min deposit on cryptocurrency pairs with BTC must be at least 0.00350000 sat (you have on the exchange wallet)
P.S can of course be less, but it’s better not to risk it.
I also recommend that you set the parameters for trading is not particularly high “Do not be greedy!” and you will have good luck and a steady daily income!

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