Best exchange for purchase options


If you guys want to know of a great platform where one can purchase Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and the like I would go ahead and just check out Changelly. You can buy Bitcoin Gold with just about any cryptocurrency available on it.

  1. Incorrect; neither Paxful nor LocalBitcoins currently support BTG.
  2. Your links don’t go to Paxful or to LocalBitcoin, they go to “smartbitcoininvestments,” which is apparently not smart enough to realize number 1.

Should we ban you now, or wait until your next spam?


Oh, the post was edited, and now the link attached redirects to the review of Changelly.


Well, a “smartbitcoininvestments” review of Changelly. So it’s still link-farming for “smartbitcoininvestments.” But I’ll let it slide unless we get more complaints.


Well, I checked the review provided by Squadus and I should say that it’s quite informative. I think it might be helpful for those who are looking for the exchange with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Actually, I would join this platform, but unfortunately, it doesn’t list BCH. So, I hope to hear some suggestions. After making research regarding investing in some altcoin, I learned that BCH is a great option for buying. Also, I found out at, that it can be exchanged either to cryptocurrency or fiat. I don’t mind of both credit card and bank payments and I also have some spare btc that I’m willing to exchange, but the question is following — where can I do this? The mentioned article says that it’s possible to buy Bitcoin Cash on CEX IO. What can you say about this exchange?


In addition to Changelly check out Binance as well.


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