Best cryptocurrency exchange website


Cryptocurrency Exchange: Which website is good for cryptocurrency exchange or bitcoin trading.



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The post pretends to be a question about where to trade, but 2 of the 4 options aren’t exchanges at all. It’s really just an excuse to post about “Coinchangelly.”

“Coinchangelly” is a coin comparison site along the lines of CoinMarketCap or CoinLib, and it appears to be copying the name from Changelly, which is an actual retail coin exchanges site. Note that this new site does point you to actual retails exchanges like Changelly and ShapeShift if you click on the “Trade” button.


I would go ahead and check out Changelly or Binance.

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I usually use binance, coinbase, bittrex or poloniex if I am looking for new exchanges I usually use site list of trusted and tested crypto websites on cryptolinks, because there is too much scam exchanges nowadays.


While coinbase and binance are reputable and popular exchanges, others two platforms are not exchanges. Personally, I usually use bitstamp, cex, and binance because they are secure and reliable. When looking for new platforms, I read as many information about them as I can find. There are many scams today, so we should be careful.