Beginners question on Vega 56 cards profitability


I am looking for some alternatives fpr my Vega 56 rig (4 cards), up to now I mine Monero but the income ratio between earned XMR and power consumption isnt very good (I pay 0,24 € per kw/h) so I was looking for another asic-resistant coin.
I gave Bitcoin Gold a try but was very disappointed with the results, each Vega 56 produces 22 sols at 180 watts,
Am I doing something wrong with these cards or are 22 sols normal?
Under these conditions power costs exceed the BTG-result by far…

The new Equihash 144,5 variant is much tougher to solve than the old 200,9 variant, so a low Sol rate is to be expected… but it’s also worth noting that the early AMD-optimized solvers have lagged the early Nvidia-optimized solvers. The miner makers are continuing to restructure and optimize their code and AMD solvers are getting steadily better.