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Some of the miner downloads are saying they’re a trojan in my browser…


Alert level: SEVERE Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus


Unfortunately, there will be false alerts when downloading blockchain-mining software, likely for some time.

Because some unscrupulous website administrators chose to put blockchain-mining software into their web sites to run on people’s browsers without their permission, antivirus and malicious web site scanners have been set to scan for such software. The media is beginning to call this crypto-jacking.

In our case, it’s a false positive. It’s true, you’re downloading blockchain-mining software, but it’s false that this is a “trojan,” because you actually intend to mine, and it will be on your own behalf, not a website’s.

You were right to be cautious; scams and frauds abound online.

Always make sure you’re downloading from a trusted source, especially when your browser is giving you a warning.