Another performance boost to Funakoshi-Miner


Since release v4.5 users can connect to any pool, using any port.
–pers is now supported (this enables mining any 144,5 coin).

The prefix ssl:// is now supported.
Usage of ssl is no longer enforced, but is still supported.

Backward compatibility is preserved, and the miner supplies default
values for --port, --pers, --algo when not specified (only for previously
supported pools).

For more information and to download the solver visit my github repository.


Thanks for sharing.

Funakoshi-Miner best performs on gtx 1080.
My PC has gtx 1080 card, thus the software
is most optimised for this card.

As you have noticed, on 1080 Funakoshi-Miner
is by far faster than its compatition.


4.5 is even better!

rig specs in case curious :]

6 x GTX 1080 GPU
Intel Core i5 8400 (65 watts) CPU
2 x Kingston 8 Gb DDR4 2800MHz RAM
120Gb Kingston HyperX SSD
EVGA T2 SuperNova 1600Watt PSU


Yet another performance boost.

Release v4.6 is out with better performance.

To check out the solver visit my github repository.


Is it possible to use your miner on GTX 1060 3GB?


Sorry but my miner requires at least 4GB card.
Thus GTX 1060 6gb can be used but not 3gb.


There are other miners which will work with 3GB, just not Funakoshi’s super-fast miner.

It’s a trade-off: you can get more speed by using a little more RAM; cutting down the memory size sacrifices efficiency at an increasing rate. This is what makes the algo ASIC-resistant. :slight_smile:


Release v4.7 is out with a small performance boost.


I have succeeded to inject a little more speed into equihash 144,5 in release v4.9

To read more about Funakoshi-Miner and to download it visit my github repository.



I have significantly improved the performance of Funakoshi-Miner in release v4.10

Avg 50 - 51 sol/s on GTX 1080

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oh, good.

※ Unsolicited file activity
※ Much faster than before


my 1080ti systems,
Compare with EWBF v0.5

Funakoshi is little bit slower
approx. 174 : 183 (funakoshi : EWBF)

but, this version is very fastest speed!

And the last version is 4.9. It was not 4.09.
I was surprised that this version is 4.10.

Thank you very much


On GTX 1080 Funakoshi is faster than EWBF 50 - 51 versus 45


oh, Thank you.

could you plz about 1060 1070 etc compare EWBF ?


On 1060 6gb both are about 27 sol/s


I have just run v4.10 on 1080 ti gpu.

On GTX 1080 ti avg is 65 - 66 sol/s

This makes Funakoshi-Miner the fastest 144,5 miner on 1080 ti.


My routine:
1)Wake up
2)Check for a new Funakoshi version


Just a joke, thanks for being so active with your software!


I strive to keep the performance of Funakoshi-Miner the best for equihash 144,5
Indeed it is currently the fastest miner for btg.


I have a lot of 1080ti devices,
EWBF 0.5 is about 5% faster than funakoshMiner 4.10 in afterbuner’s general power limit and overclocking situations.

The results of this experiment are not wrong.

Tested 1080ti clock and memory power voltage etc.
Please let me know in detail.

Miners, of course, want a faster environment.
But this is still the result of this.

I hope there is something I miss.


I think you’re confusing decimal places (for numbers) with version numbers (for software).

In software, the standard is:


The dots (".") are not decimal places, they are separators.

v4.1 is Major version 4, Minor version 1.
v4.9 is Major version 4, Minor version 9.
v4.10 is Major version 4, Minor version 10. This is a newer Miner version than 9.

v4.10 is not the same as v4.1! It’s “four dot ten” versus “four dot one.”

v4.9.1 would be Minor version 9 with a bug patch.


Funakoshi-Miner !very slow

EWBF - faster!!!