Another performance boost to Funakoshi-Miner

Release v4.10 has been published.

I have significantly improved the performance of Funakoshi-Miner :slightly_smiling_face:

Avg 50 - 51 sol/s on GTX 1080

Avg 65 - 66 sol/s on GTX 1080 ti

You are welcome to read more about the miner and to download
it from my github.


Few more releases has been published since v3.6.

Current release is v3.9.
It is faster than previous releases.
v3.9 also supports GTX 1050ti 4GB.

Get the latest release from my github repository.


Great to see your continued hard work and dedications paying off, Funakoshi!

I look forward to seeing what else you have in store!


Hello Funakoshi, I got the warning of “Cuda : failed to alloc memory” when running the Miner with Nvidia MX150 2GB. Is my graphic card not able to do the mining?

You can’t mine bitcoingold with 2GB graphic card.
The 144,5 algo requires more memory.

Thank you! I found it says “The <144,5> parameters require a minimum of 700 MB to run and use about 2.5 GB to run efficiently” in the BTG upgrade and thought it means that 2 GB could work. Then I need to upgrade my device.

To work with 700 mb, the developer of the miner would have to write it in a very inefficient way - so inefficient that nobody would choose to run it. At 2.5 GB, it can be good to use.

In release v4.2 I have improved the performance of Funakoshi-Miner:

On gtx 1080 avg 46 sol/s
On gtx 1070 avg 40 to 41 sol/s

You are welcome to download the solver from my github repository.

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I have just published release v4.3 with even better performance:

On gtx 1080 avg 47 sol/s

You are welcome to download the solver from my github repository.


Better and better!

Well done, @Funakoshi.


Can confirm Funakoshi performs at ludacris speed vs EWBF’s mediocre performance. :]


Here we go again.
I have published release v4.4 of funakoshi-miner with improved performance.

gtx 1080 avg 48 sol/s
gtx 1070 avg 42 sol/s
gtx 1060 6gb avg 27 to 28 sol/s

For more information and to download the solver visit my github repository.


Hi! What are your OC settings?

Nice rig!

Have you ever done testing to see whether it’s more profitable to reduce your cooling fan speed a little even if you reduce the mining slightly? (You would need to be able to measure your power draw for the rig at the wall.)

I’ve found that running GPU fans too hard (past 70% or so) increases the noise and power without increasing the cooling. I don’t use many auxiliary fans, but I suspect the same is true for them. Depending on your power costs, you may find tweaking your fan power to keep them efficient to be profitable.


The reported sol/s are without Over Clocking.

However the sol/s change all the time, this is due to the
statistical nature of equihash. Each job supplied by the
pool has different number of sols within. Thus you will
see the numbers change in a range of about 5 sol/s per
second sometimes above and sometimes bellow the avg.
You should run the miner a full day to take avg.

I don’t know @kron79 thus I don’t know if he/she OC
the cards.

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Nice. Thanks! I will give Funakoshi-Miner a try. :slight_smile:

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Hey bud, I just run the cards stock for now. I do have EVGA Precision XOC installed and did use. Figured I’d get a longer life span from the cards just running stock though.


Thanks man!

I’m up in Canada and the GPU fans rarely go above 45% - 50% fan speed. A floor fan/ cracked window keeps the cards around 60C - 66C and that’s during summer. During the 10 months of winter it’s free cooling. :wink:

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What about the five rig fans? Any speed control on those?

Basic 2200 rpm fans with male/female molex connected in a series at 3 watts each. They run constant and provide good airflow over the cards but no speed control.