[ANN] [ICO] i-protoken.com - Property Investing On Blockchain

I-Pro Token is dedicated to solving the problems of investing property across borders. Our main project is creating the decentralized international property marketplace both commercial property and residential property. We enable agents and brokers to list their products or services on our marketplace powered by blockchain technology and offer enhanced leasing capabilities, selling, management, and reporting. This marketplace facilitates connections between international entities to enable new property investment models.

Through integrating blockchain and the property industry, property developers, financial institutions and users can connect to complete property transactions safely, quickly and more transparently. Therefore, this is an important part of supporting global economic development. All parties consisting of developers, financial institutions, agents, and users will get benefits greatly from sophisticated blockchain technology. The development team ensures that I-Pro Token is a blockchain technology development project that you can trust and rely on.


Our vision is to become a Pioneer in the Development of Blockchain Technology in the World’s Best Global Property Ecosystem.

Our Mission :

  • Develop blockchain technology as a secure digital asset
  • Integrating global property ecosystems with blockchain technology
  • Increase the growth of property market activities
  • Educating the public on the benefits of blockchain technology
  • Providing opportunities for funding access to property developers
  • Creating the latest property investment model
  • Open opportunities with Top Marketplace Property in the World.

Develop blockchain technology in the global property ecosystem to realize transparent transactions, very safe, very fast, and very low costs so that it will be able to increase the attractiveness of property investment. We want to create the latest innovations in the property business and provide a new property investment model that will generate more sustainable benefits for the long term. Our main target is as a Way of investment fluctuation by becoming a pioneer of stable assets in the world, by protecting these assets by rising without falling.

In this digital era, we do not only have real assets, but we also have digital assets. You must have digital assets as investment instruments whose results you can feel in the future. The following is information about I-Pro Token digital assets. You can see in detail below.

  • Token Name : I-PRO TOKEN
  • Token Symbol : IPR
  • Total Supply : 300.000.000
  • IPRToken Decimal : 8Token
  • Platform : ERC20
  • EthereumBlock Explorer : Etherscan & Ethplorer
  • Target Price On Exchange : 0.003 Eth
  • Contract Address : 0xb0ecc7f33973d8acd6296ab40f37718015b98345