[ANN] HELIOS | PNP COIN: World's First Regulated Cryptocurrency

ABOUT HELIOS ────────────

HOW PNP COINS WORK? ────────────


  1. Investors generally funnel their money by making investments into various products, sectors, and projects as well.

  2. The money invested in the projects will reap benefits gradually and give out returns

  3. The returns generated from the projects are then finally passed onto the investors which helped the project grow and develop

  4. Owners of cryptocurrency keep their digital coins in ICO digital wallets. A coin holder’s identification is stored in an encrypted address that they have control over – it is not attached to a person’s identity.

  5. When a person invests some sum in an ICO. He directly funnels his money onto the projects like venture funding in our case and the benefits are reaped and sent back to the investors at the rate at which the project or the firm develops

PILLARS OF PNP COIN ────────────

The Cryptocurrency industry is one of the most talked industry in the finance
sector soon regulated cryptocurrency will be the hot topic of the industry


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