📢[ANN][BVT] Bioviratech: Health, Wealth and Technology [08.01 - Presale]




There are still 100’s of millions of people who haven’t received a vaccine. And in developing nations, during the pandemic, many millions could afford the cost of a vaccine but didn’t have primary access, due to proactive contracts from developed nations. These are a significant proportion of our market.

Bioviratech combines the world of the pharmaceutical distribution of vaccines, international law, smart contracts/Crypto and blockchain to generate legal contracts linked to unique smart contracts. These create tokenized options that give the bearer the right to, but not the cost of, a vaccine for a future pandemic after the most vulnerable have been vaccinated.




✦ Addressing the disproportionate distribution of vaccines, experienced by many
countries and even delays and inefficiencies within Europe.
✦ Negotiations with Pharmaceutical companies to create 360 contracts to produce
options for a vaccine for a future pandemic.
✦ Tokenizing the legal contracts using smart contracts utilizing blockchain technology
for transparency of transactions without compromising privacy.
✦ Maintaining the value of vaccines and recouping all associated losses and costs of
manufacturing and distribution with no particular preference to any region.


token distribution.
The amount that can be purchased by each person is both limited and staggered
in this form:

From day 1-15, one purchase per person and from day 16-30 unlimited in both
amounts that can be purchased and how many times per person.

:heavy_check_mark: Day 1-2 : up to $5 per person (max. purchase)
:heavy_check_mark: Day 3-4 : up to $10 per person (max. purchase)
:heavy_check_mark: Day 5-6 : up to $100 per person (max. purchase)
:heavy_check_mark: Day 7-10 : up to $1000 per person (max. purchase)
:heavy_check_mark: Day 11-15 : up to $10k per person (max. purchase)
:heavy_check_mark: Day 16-30 : unlimited maximum BVT token purchase


Contract: 0x5dc8dd8F4A132695DFc62f A6fc6992Be880Ee51D

Presale refund policy
If the contracts are incomplete, the presale will be refunded from the Administration fee of 2%, if the Admin fee equals, at least, the presale funds raised plus 50%. i.e Admin fee (2%) = $360k + $180k

ICO refund policy
The amount of refund depends upon the community. For example, if the community votes to deploy funds and the team can’t close the contract with a pharmaceutical company, the estimated cost would be :

2% - Exchange fees
2% - Administration fees
1% - (Per month) Escrow fees

So the refund would be 100% - 5% = 95% (minus transaction costs and changes to your cryptocurrency). If the community vote to hold Escrow until the team has completed contracts with a pharmaceutical company, if a refund is required, the estimated cost could be:

2% - Exchange fees
2% - Administration fees
12% - (Per month) Escrow fees (12 months)

Thus, the refund would be 100% - 19% = 81%(minus transaction costs & changes to your cryptocurrency). Escrow is a perfect way to protect the community’s interests and the community votes as to which Escrow
the company they would like to use.