About Bittrex wallet


I mine the BTG and Transfer accounts to Bittrex , I don’t know the walle offline of my wallet during the period,
I have lost some BTG of Bittrex walle.What should I do?
I have one more question. Which browser can be queried the BTGTOKEN.
thank you.


Hello, Bittrex has the coins you mined right now, you must wait until they enable the wallet again. (It was disabled since the 51% attack last month) In the meantime i would recommend using HitBTC wallet or a normal lightwallet like Exodus for your mining profits.

Also, do you mean a block explorer? Try:


Bittrex is one of the best exchanges and wallets for carrying many types of cryptoassets. I’d recommend picking up a KeepKey and utilizing ShapeShift.


I use altcoin wallet. And I am happy with this one. This helps me to save my time.