A multilingual BTG explorer by Tokenview

Hi BTG Community,

This is tokenview, a multilingual explorer and data platform.

We just release a block explorer for BTG, which supports both the latest block info and on-chain data analysis like rich list and mining

Here is the link-btg.tokenview.com

Just come and have a look, your suggestion is welcomed.

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I like the variety of data. Some people here may suggest updates to some of the terminology you use in some of the languages.

My main concern: the site often seems quite slow - so slow that I think it’s dead, but 30 seconds later, more data comes in.

Are you guys scaling up capacity so that the site is responsive enough to be useful?

Yeah, we are fixing the slow loading issues at the moment.
Btw, may I know you location? So we can better optimize it.

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I am personally just outside of New York City, but we had multiple team members report slowness (Canada, Europe, Africa…)

If your website is slow or facing any issue you can contact me out https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01858a0f8ebe678cbd @aries
As you need to check out speed from authenticated sources

Is your website is causing speed problem or your hosting server is causing problem?