51% - is someone feeling threatened?

Uh…community members? Anybody?

No? Oki fine I’ll start.

This needs to end. The 51% no doubt was intended to cause this damage by whichever person or entity.They seem to be getting their value now, with this and I quote “shit flinging contest”.

It is unfortunate, but we all have our suspicions and are entitled to it. We’re investors, some come in as miners some as traders and not to mention the BTG team.

Whoever was behind this attack knew exactly how this would roll out considering the new equihash ASIC mining is about to hit homes soon, with almost every relevant equihash coin(amongst others) willing to make changes to curb this ASIC “invasion” and potentially prevent centralization all together.
It came no surprise to me when it happened I already had my thoughts and at what my thoughts were directed at.

Now we are at a crossroads gentleman.
Do we defend or attack?
I for one am going to defend.
This can’t keep on happening to BTG while we stand by watching from the sideline nah FCUK that. From the beginning this coin had issue after issue, and now is subject to a pompous allegation contest because the people of the world don’t understand a 51% and the consequences such action brings, but want answers, and from who exactly? The devs? The exchanges!? The traders? Ofcause we have questions but guys seriously this isn’t how blockchains work ,51% has been explained timeously previously and why it’s dangerous.

Sadly though in the end pockets were hit and deep if it’s true that a single wallet was able to exploit and drain as much as 12k BTG into it,It had to have Come from somewhere no doubt and therefore stolen. But rest assured it would have to be moved some how. People will be watching this wallet.

But I will maintain my Bitcoin Gold opinion, which is, BTG is by no definition, anything else other then BITCOIN itself made available to the people in the form of a decentralized currency (equihash). Or am I MISSING something here otherwise That’s it. Its not just another coin , each coin has its difference in tech and capabilities and ideas such as Monero,Btcp,BTZ(no prejudice) with tweaks. It’s Bitcoin back in your home’s. Sure it’s not vanilla BTC, but this is BTC with those chocolate sprinkles on them if you catch my drift.
My point is someone IS threatened by this coin.
And with damn good reason.

And Yes it does raise a bunch of more questions like who is threatened?, and put other “competitors” (I say this coz BTG did not and still does not seem to be competing with anyone) in the sights, of which we may never know.

Wake up sheeple.
Why would someone use all that expensive hash rate and 51% a coin that’s “shitty” and make such a nuisance of us as a community let alone a coin.
This now frustrating for many, because yet again the team has to HALT all work to probably release a press statement to defuse this situation.

Never the less to the team someone 51%'d us. Means we onto something. Don’t finger point it’s not needed, mainstream media will crucify for hype.

Regardless of who it was or whatever reason, it’s done. We were 51%'d and it reflects only bad because of the lack of mining power not on the tech or the coin or the team. . .
To the team thank you for the hard work, unfortunately you going to have to do the needy and get back to the development of this Mofo Soon. Those loyal will remain.

BTG = Bitcoin. Bitcoin from home.
You believe in the movement? Keep then haul ass and keep moving.


hey man no need to panic just because off the 51% attack many altcoins get attacked like this in the past especially in early days but what is common for all the coins that get attacked in the past is that they turned into successful projects as for me this is just a confirmation that BTG is on the way to turn into successful project and its worth the support of many ,despite the crap load of BS given by media from the early days…as for me i think the attack came in the best moment it could ,it would do more harm if it came during a pump now we have time to take action without any big harms on the price or our reputation since our reputation isnt really that good for now + this has a potential to help our reputation in case we can update our security measures by forking before the big pump starts …as based on the observation many legit coins had bad reputation until they pumped hard and fly high during the first days , since as anyone knows cryptos has high volatility and until the coin isnt showing this by pumping with the rest market its considered as a shit coin but after the first successful high pump it get mass adopted since everybody will see that the coin isnt death and is moving nice …