5 Great Things About Bitcoin Gold!

Check out this short youtube video on the 5 great things about Bitcoin Gold.

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Do you own and run a business? Already added Bitcoin as a payment option? How about adding Bitcoin Gold as your payment option too?

BTG Supporters:
The simplest way is to add your wallet address and QR code (QR codes attract attention and highlights the subject matter to the reader on your websites).

Hardcore BTG Supporters:
To make the BTG payment option more attractive to your clients, how about offering them a discount if they choose to pay in BTG? We at Electric Dreamz, an event company in Singapore are offering an 8% discount on all our events services quotes for payments in BTG. Here is a blog on how we spread the word on the discount for our event clients in Singapore.

Here is how we do it:

Did you know what you can create your own QR codes? Here is where you can create a QR code to display on your website: https://bitcoinqrcodegenerator.win/
Important Note: After generating the code please remember to test it out with a scan from your mobile phone to confirm that the right BTG wallet address is captured. Always double check everything that you do and if unsure, there is an awesome BTG community to assist you, just drop a question here.

Are you new to the crypto world? Here is a short blog which can provide you with an simplified introduction to the cryptocurrency world.

Let spread the word and keep the community growing. Lets create more youtube videos about bitcoin gold and get it viral. Am sure there are many of you who can create awesome catchy videos! :fist:


Agreed BTG is definitely the future. 2018 is the year for BTG to go to the moon!
All coinbase users please write in to them to list BTG as i have already done it. lets work hard to bring BTG to the next LEVEL.


Agreed! 2018 is the year for BTG to moon… the only reason it is down currently is cause of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general… some are down even worse… waiting for the bull run… :slight_smile:


Nice video! This will be hard to compete with, but I will try :wink: Good luck.


thanks for the generous compliment bro… much appreciated… lets make great posts that our awesome BTG community can share and use to spread the word too… winning the competition is a bonus! :slight_smile:


Congrats on getting 2nd for the February competition and receiving the reward of 0.25 BTG… Hope you can win it this time round… love the video!


Thanks Assif, hope to win it this time round… hopefully… :slight_smile:


Great work! All of you guys are awesome. Let’s wait for the public voting.

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