29 BTC Selling!

Sell a purse with a balance of 29 BTC. Password forgotten, I can not remember, I can not hack, and in principle there is nothing. The approximate number of characters is 6-9 (6 + 3 digits, possibly) and the characters themselves seem to remember partially, but not fact! The purse is a few years old, BTC has been bought for a long time. Everything is real, not air, I can show everything by remote access. I do not ask much, and I will sell to the one who will offer the best price. Are you ready to experience fate? Then offer your options.

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I hope someone offers to help recreate your lost password for you; I know there are folks around with the necessary skills, and a 6 to 9 digit password shouldn’t be insurmountable.

Good luck!

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I could try and bruteforce the file open if it’s only 9 digits it would take some time for it to figure out the password

@krypto - I’m happy to vouch for @hydra - he’s legit and has the tools to do this.

Hydra, no offense to krypto, but we don’t know him, so buying the wallet outright may mean it’s a scam. Safer for you to pay nothing upfront, and work out a deal based on collecting a bounty after opening his wallet for him.

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I can increase your reward to 3-6 BTC if you can help. I will send you a password hash.

I will pay at least 5 BTC if someone can help me