2019 Progress Update #2


originally posted here: https://bitcoingold.org/2019-progress-update-2/

A quick update on what the BTG team has been up to in recent weeks - stay abreast of the latest news.


  • Bitcoin Gold Core v0.17.1: Code is ready; now under testing (progress: 90%)
  • Compact Block Relay for BTG is implemented in BTG Core v0.17.1 and btgsuite (progress: 100%)
  • btgsuite: replay attack protection and Compact Block Relay being tested
  • Progress on Secret Mining defense research in partnership with Exchanges; preparing white paper and request for comments


  • Venezuela Event “Se Habla Cripto! Caracas” scheduled for March 1st with Criptonoticias
  • BTG staff met Yuan Dao, chairman of China Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, and discussed the future of Bitcoin and blockchain economy



For Korean

최근 몇 주간의 BTG 팀의 최신소식을 업데이트 하였습니다.


  • 비트코인 골드 코어 v0.17.1: 코드는 준비완료; 테스팅 중(진행률: 90%)
  • 비트코인 골드를 위한 Compact Block Relay BTG 코어 v0.17.1 및 btgsuite (진행률: 100%)
  • btgsuite: 재생 공격 방지 및 검증된 컴팩트 블록 재생
  • 거래소들과 파트너쉽을 맺은 비밀 채굴 방지 연구 진행 ; 백서준비 및 의견요청


  • 베네수엘라 이벤트 “Se Habla Cripto! Caracas” 3월 1일 예정
  • BTG 직원은 중국 중관춘 블록체인 산업 연합의 의장인 Yuan Dao 를 만났고 블록체인 경제의 미래에 대해 논의했습니다.



Una actualización rápida de lo que ha estado haciendo el equipo de BTG en las últimas semanas: manténgase al tanto de las últimas noticias.


  • Bitcoin Gold Core v0.17.1: El código está listo; ahora en prueba (progreso: 90%)
  • Compact Block Relay para BTG se implementa en BTG Core v0.17.1 y btgsuite (progreso: 100%)
  • btgsuite: se está probando la protección contra ataques de repetición (replay attack) y el relé de bloque compacto (Compact Block Relay)
  • Progreso en la investigación de defensa de Minería Secreta en sociedad con Intercambios; Preparación de papel blanco y solicitud de comentarios.


  • Evento en Venezuela “Se Habla Cripto! ”programada para el 1 de marzo en Caracas con Criptonoticias.
  • El personal de BTG se reunió con Yuan Dao, presidente de China Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, y habló sobre el futuro de Bitcoin y la economía de blockchain.


  • Se ha lanzado Bidali Giftcard para Bitcoin Gold, que vende tarjetas de regalo para más de 100 tiendas a través de BTG
  • Cobertura BTG iniciada en TokenView.com
  • nuevo grupo BTG lanzado: equihash.pro

  • Venezuela Event “Se Habla Cripto! Caracas” scheduled for March 1st with Criptonoticias

This conference is actually happening in the middle of a civil war?


The date has been moved before and will be moved again if necessary, but yes, they are trying to do the conference.


Is the conference being funded by the state going out or the one coming in?


Neither government has any interest in any BTG event that I am aware of.


It’s supported by CriptoNoticias (major Spanish-language crypto news source), the BTG Organization, and local volunteers.

No state/government involvement.


Amazing efforts from all sides.


can anybody tell us when BTG hardfork will be done???


I realize you’re just a bot being developed that we’ll probably have to block for spamming later, but I’ll bite:

The hardfork to create BTG was done in 2017.

The hardfork to upgrade our mining algorithm to Equihash (144,5) to knock out the ASICs happened in 2018.

There are no hardforks currently planned.


If the hardfork is done on 2018, then why we didnt got any new coin= to BTG in our wallet, as hardfork of any coin generates a new coin and holder got that coin equal to hardforked coin???


Most hardforks do not create a new coin. They only create a new coin if they cause they chain to split.